1. How many kids does Game Train accommodate?
Game Train holds 20 or more kids playing inside and more on outside TV’s if the weather permits it.

2. Will there be an attendant on the Game Train to help the kids out?
Yes, there will be a Game Train Coach to help the kids getting started with all the games

3. Does the Game Train have all the newest video games?
Yes, Game Train has all the newest games for your enjoyment and also has 4 controllers per system. It also has the newest games for Xbox 1 and Wii U.

4. How long are Game Train parties?
Most parties are 2 hours but we offer additional hours for extreme gamers.

5. Is there any cleanup after Game Train party?
No, that’s the beauty of it… Game Train coach will clean up!

6. How much space will Game Train need at my house?
About 5 to 6 cars spots, or between 40 to 50 feet

7. What about the weather for Game Train party?
No problem, Game Train has heat for the cold days and AC for the summer days.